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Witches Hats for Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If you happen to have a couple of witches hats left over from previous years' costumes, use those! I couldn't locate my Halloween decor and costumes so I decided to make some out of construction paper.

I needed them big enough to hide a decent-sized "treat" underneath so I taped two pieces of construction paper together, the red one on the longer edge and the black one on the shorter.

I cut a bit off the top of the black, then clipped the corner. I also cut a strip off the red to use on the brim.

I used a bit of the black scrape on the back and taped it up in a cone. I also had to trim down the edges of the red to make it sit flat. For the brim I taped the red strip I cut off earlier to a piece of black paper, traced a circle using a paper plate ad cut it out.

I made two more in different colors (see my candy corn themed hat?).

All three made in the same simple fashion. I would suggest doing one for each child involved in the hunt, and 1 or 2 extra, to leave empty underneath or hide a 'trick' like a baggy full of broccoli, or a bit of trash like a toilet paper tube.

Here's the prize that's hidden under one of the hats, a Halloween cup with a straw.

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