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The Probably-Won't-Make-It Garden Made Some Radishes!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I've been watching the weather predictions, cringing every time it would show that the temperature was going to drop below freezing, and breathing a little sigh of relief every time the forecast changed for the better, just before it happened. So far we haven't even had a frost and my little, last-minute attempt to grow something at our new house is still chugging along.

radish vegetable homestead garden organic chemical free gardenig
Radish plant, recently rescued from a slug scourge.

Many of my radishes were in too-shallow containers and never really made it passed the seedling stage. They've slowly been turned into bunny treats (Marello especially quickly gobbles up her radish greens, whilst the other two simply accept them and munch slowly.). A few of them grew bigger leaves and looked like they were thriving but no radish has shown up. Just a single, stringy root underneath all those big leaves. I transplanted some of the least slug devastated plants to a new raised bed that Kallo recently built, and crossed my fingers. They perked up quite a bit after a good rain, and even the ones left in the biggest container started looking a bit healthier! All in all about 15 radish plants looked like they might have the potential to produce something edible, other than bunny greens.

I noticed a couple radishes actually had developed! Once thinned and transplanted they actually appeared pretty quickly. I just kept watching the forecast, prepared to harvest if needed, if it was predicted to be too cold for them to make it. A few more slugs ended up in the beer trap, which I'd had to move around a bit after seeing new leaf damage.

In the meantime I am still harvesting the herbs I have around. A couple of very large mint patches and multiple chive patches, planted by the previous owners, produce readily and plentifully, without any intervention from me! I also have a big pot with sage, oregano, and thyme that I rescued from the grocery store clearance section. It was heavily discounted since the rosemary was dead and the other three were looking pretty sad. Water and sunshine perked them all up wonderfully and I've harvested and dehydrated quite a bit from them!

sage thyme oregano organic grown harvest herbs homestead pagan garden gardening
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thy... wait, wrong song! Sage, thyme, and oregano.

Yesterday, forecast looking grim, I finally decided to pull my cards off the table, so to speak. I harvested the handle of radishes that looked ripe, or close enough to ripe. Of course, the weatherman was bluffing and the weather didn't go as badly as predicted, so the ones I didn't pick are still there, and maybe there is hope for one or two more before winter sets in.

There is still a good dehydrator's worth of chives left to harvest, and more mint than I and all three rabbits could ever get through. Other than those I'll be adding some things to the raised garden bed, in prep for next spring. Stay tuned for my post on eggshell amendment for added calcium!

radish chemical free organic garden grown vegetables
My tiny radish harvest. It may be small but I grew it and it's the first things we've grown here.

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