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The Paleo Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

There've been many little steps down the road, away from living a totally conventional and mainstream life. Some were taken what seems like forever ago, before I was even an adult. I may not have realized it then but all those things were slowly leading up to this desire to not be stuck in the revolving door of consumerism and fake news.

sheet pan meals with carrot, green pepper, radish and shallot
Easy sheet pan meals

One of the bigger leaps was when we transitioned from a standard American diet, filled with grain and bean based meals over to a Paleo Lifestyle, filled with vegetables, meats, fruits and nuts. The main goal had been to see if it would cure what ailed us. IBS, hidradenitis suppurativa, ADHD, SPD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aches, pains, brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, migraines, and a host of other little things that we all had just learned to live around (I refuse to say live with, since many of them paused actual living while waiting for the pains to pass).

Coconut flour based paleo birthday cupcakes with paleo frosting
Coconut flour birthday cupcakes

The final decision had been made when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd son. I'd had severe, debilitating 'IBS attacks" in those few short months, so bad that I'd feared losing the baby. We slowly switched over at first. We ate the last of the bread and simply didn't buy more. The canned goods were used up and not replaced. The pasta was eaten and we bought a spiralizer and zucchini instead. The SAD condiments, filled with soy oil and corn syrup, were used up (or in some cases tossed), and replaced with healthy versions. In less than a month, our household was 80% paleo foods. There were a few straggler items that we hadn't used up or let go of yet. I joined a large Facebook group and got the encouragement to push it farther.

By the time I was approaching my due date, I was almost pain free, if not symptom free. The brain fog that I hadn't realized I had cleared and left me able to think straight. No more 'mommy brain'! I didn't forget things so quickly, didn't spend long moments trying to recall the word I was thinking of, or pause in the middle of a story because I'd lost my train of thought.

That pregnancy had been the easiest one, once we'd ditched the SAD food. I suppose that fact left me sorely unprepared for the most difficult birth, but that's another story.

paleo korean beef with cauliflower rice and coconut aminos and steamed broccoli
Korean beef over cauliflower rice and steamed broccoli.

We were almost fully moved over into eating paleo food, except for the fact we still included dairy in our diets. I didn't think it really mattered, since none of us were affected negatively by it. Around January of 2018, I cut dairy completely out of just my diet, hoping it would help the moderate reflux my little nursling was suffering. I did see improvements in him, since his projectile vomits didn't have quite the distance they did before, and became less frequent. I tried to reintroduce different versions of dairy over the next few months, just to discover that I did, in fact, react to it myself. Kallo and my eldest occasionally still have a sensible, high quality, cheese indulgence, but otherwise we are now dairy free.

We don't do 'cheat' meals in our house. Why cause pain to ourselves to eat something that really isn't THAT great tasting. All a cheat meal really does is cheat us out of all the hard work we've done up to this point. This is truly a healthy lifestyle, not just a temporary diet.

red cabbage paleo egg roll in a bowl with poached egg and hot sauce
Eggroll in a bowl with poached eggs and hot sauce.

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