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Rabbit Comforts

Updated: Jun 15

To give the rabbits someplace to hide when scared, plus something to chew on, we made them huts from plywood. Not only will it give them a hidey-hole if they are spooked, but it'll be a windbreak when it's cold and breezy.

My first time using any kind of saw.

They aren't anything fancy or special, just a 5 sided cube, with a door cut out. It's open on the bottom so that it stays sanitary and makes it easy to lift out of the way if I need access to a stubbornly hiding bunny. I know they will chew the edges, so we chose untreated pine plywood.

Mostly finished, just waiting for a roof.

We glued the edges together and knocked in a couple nails to hold the sides and top together. The exterior dimensions are 12 inches on each side.

The roof also makes an additional place for them to rest off the wire, in addition to the board we have in their cages for the same purpose.

Waiting for the glue to dry is like watching grass grow.

Once the temperatures drop below freezing we will be hanging tarps around the whole hutch to add extra insulation but these will be sufficient to keep the wind off them until then.

Marello is only about half the size she will be, so this box will be big enough, even when she is full-grown.

The full moon through the trees. ._.jpg

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