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Ostara is coming!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It's almost spring! I know my fellow northerners are utterly ready for warmer temperatures, but maybe not so excited for all the extra rain. We certainly have had a wet winter and the ground is saturated already. Today I ran around our mud pit of a back yard, gathering up toys that were being blown around by gale-force winds. A few times I almost lost it as my feet slid in the slime but I managed not to fall flat on my backside. An icy mudbath was not on my to-do list today! I did also manage to grab the kid's little Aldi brand slide before it blew over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

Back on to spring discussions! Everything is or will soon be *springing* back to life after being dormant all winter. Wild rabbits are already peaking out of their winter hidey-holes and leaving little paw print trails in the snow or bounding across the road in front of vehicles. Squirrels have popped back out and are gearing up for all the blooming and growing festivities, also. I point them out to my littles and explain to them about everything waking up and coming back to life.

Since most of the things done during Easter are carry-overs from pagan celebrations, there are many crafts and activities to bring back. Dying Ostara eggs (bonus for using natural materials like cabbage leaves and onion skins!), egg, chick, and Ostara bunny coloring sheets. Crafts for making little baby chicks and bunnies from paper plates are splattered all over Pinterest this time of year. I help my children connect and be involved with the sabbats by giving them fun craft projects and activities.

Ostara child toddler pagan sabbat craft flower fun witchlings
Ostara flower petal craft.

This craft is very suitable for smaller children, as well as older children. My two youngest are 4 years and 19 months. I printed out the little flower sheet and I cut out the petals in different sizes for them and just let them both go nuts on smearing around the glue stick and squishing on construction paper petals where ever they wished. I did one of my own, also, because hey! why not?

Older kids would, of course, be able to cut out the petals in the shapes and sizes they like. I'd suggest at least 3 sizes/shapes to add depth to their flowers. It's easy enough to draw but I'll have a print out of the stem along with a little coloring sheet, suitable for smaller children.

Depending on maturity and ability level of your little crafter, you can have them add intentions or wishes for the spring on the undersides of the flower petals before gluing them down.

Don't fret if you don't have construction paper handy. Have your child use a crayon to color sheets of paper and cut the petals from that, or, if spring is already blooming in your area, head outside and find leaves, flower petals, and blades of grass to glue onto their flower!

Let their little imaginations soar. Their flower doesn't have to look neat and tidy. It's not about making art that will hang in a museum. It's about learning coordination, how to use materials, how to be creative, how to have fun, and how to enjoy and participate in the sabbats with you.

For the easy coloring sheet and the printable flower stem, click here to get to the google drive.

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