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Honey Stick Ghosts

Updated: Jun 15

In addition to the 9 scavenger hunt items, I also made 20 'ghosts' out of honey sticks, tissue paper, and some scotch tape.

There were pretty simple, and I already had a bunch of honey sticks around, anyway. You could use lollipops or suckers for even easier ghosts, but I had no luck finding lollipops that weren't made with corn syrup or didn't cost an arm and a leg.

I purchased white tissue paper for gift bags from Dollar Tree, but Kleenex would work, too! I cut the sheets into 4 pieces. Each ghost is made up of one honey stick, a balled-up 1/4 of tissue taped on and a 1/4 of a sheet draped and taped over top, then artfully ripped around the edges.

This aspect was probably the best for our 2-year-old, as he was able to spot them and didn't have to rely on looking at his list to figure it out. It was obviously satisfying to him to find them, grab them, and throw them in his little trick or treat bag, without needing help. Well, no help needed except an occasional boost for high-up ghosts.

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