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From The Start

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We've started our journey simply enough. Kallo built a compost bin out of scrap wood and spare parts in the garage. We placed it and added our first load of organic materials - lawn clippings from the yard and vegetable scraps from the kitchen. The leaves are starting to fall as autumn comes on and we will have much more to add to the bin as the season progresses. Not only will we throw away less into the landfills, with all that entails, but we will also be creating a medium to help grow food in our own back yard. The country life I see in my mind's eye might be a few years away, but we will take new steps daily towards that goal because it isn't the finish line that really matters, it's the journey taken to get there. Even the longest journey starts with a single step, and this was ours.

compost bin made with spare parts and scrap wood
Compost bin made from scrap wood and spare parts.

garden placement has been chosen

We tilled under a section of lawn and covered with cardboard. It was more weed than grass in this area, anyway, since it was backfill from the in-gound pool removal. I'll keep piling on more cardboard, in layers, to keep the weeds from getting the sunlight they need to grow. The cardboard will decay slowly into compost until there isn't much left of it in spring. I do have to make sure not to place any cardboard with staples, stickers or printed images. Much of that is easily removed. Once temperatures reach high enough, we will till under any remnants of the cardboard, spread compost if it's ready to create a slightly raised bed, and plant into it. This should help weeding efforts once things are growing, and give seedlings a jump start in the beginning of their growing.

new garden tilled under

Kallo is honing his knife sharpening skills as we speak (pun totally intended). He's been repairing damaged kitchen knives and sharpening dulled edges. I can't say how great it is to have a sharp set of blades for kitchen prep! It cuts down on time spent (yes, another pun!) and makes blade slippage less likely. That gives me a huge jump on prep in the kitchen, which is especially important when everything is made from scratch or nearly scratch.

I'll be scouring sites like Letgo and eBay to find used goodies like pressure canners, tools, and gardening equipment. I would peruse garage sales, but those are pretty non-existent in the north during the cold months.

I will continue to fill my notebooks with info from library books, blogs, forums, and anywhere else I might glean more information from.

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