About Kallo

A little about the first half of Kallo and Zmey

     I'm Kallo.  I'm a knife and gun enthusiast, a hunter, a gamer, a handy man, the muscle on our homestead, the voice of logic, the fabricator.  I'm also extremely sarcastic and my smart-assery knows no bounds.

     I'm not as wordy as Zmey.  I get things done in a logical order and take pride in finishing what I start.  I'm not afraid to work hard, and I put in a full days work then some, before I quit for the day.

     I'm an animal lover and have always had at least one pet (usually a dog) around for companionship.

     I prefer to let Zmey do all the reading and research, and boil it down for me later, but I'm not opposed to doing it for myself, either.


About Zmey

A little about the second half of Kallo and Zmey

     I'm Zmey; the reading, writing, cooking, mixing, brainstorming, ADHD, researching half of the team. 

     I've had a love of reading and writing since elementary school.  I read fantasy books, history books, and lots of things in between.  Almost as soon as I fell in love with reading the written word, I began putting down my own written word.  I wrote short stories, poetry and essays whenever the spirit moved me.  Some of my favorite and best works are on amazon.

     My cooking skills were pretty basic until the last few years, when we changed to a paleo lifestyle and I wasn't able to fall back on boxed meals.  I learned to make everything from scratch, not only to be healthier but because it's so much easier on the budget to make healthy food than to buy pre-made food without tons of cheap ingredients and additives.  Sometimes I still make a new meal that's a dud, but that's part of the creative process, for sure.  I post my best creations here, for everyone to use, and I'll tell you when something failed miserably, so you can avoid the same misteps!

     To get the synthetic, endocrine disrupting, skin damaging products out of our house, I became quite the mad scientist.  Starting with simply ditching conventional soaps, I eventually changed all our body care products over to home made concoctions, and even most of our household cleaners are now cleaner.

     I am the rapid fire brainstormer type, which drives the more methodical and logical Kallo bonkers, sometimes.  I list off ideas as they come to me, and leave him to sort out the best.  Then we refine them together, with a stronger end products for blending the two methods. 

     I tend to start things in the middle, work almost to the end, go back to the beginning and then finish it all up.  While that's going on, I generally have music or tv playing, 6 browser tabs open for researching, fiddling with social media platforms and taking care of the littles.  Throughout all of that, I'm also homeschooling an ADHD teenager and being buried in backed-up housework.


"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."

Jim Rohn